Art Making Project/ Blog #2

20 Sep

While I read Marcel Duchamp’s writing, He immediately begins to get the gears turning in my head. In Duchamp’s writing of “The Creative Act”, he begins to explain what art really is and means to us as human beings. He states that art is of the mind, through expressing our emotion in art, as opposed to maybe being given a photo and have to draw or paint what is on the photo. Art does not specifically mean an object that was painted, drawn or sculpted in a workshop or studio. Art is the expression of emotion through materials to create something of meaning, and may also in another sense have no meaning at all. I was hesitant in creating my ready-made piece of artwork. “Could I really use anything, to create anything?”, I thought to myself. I referred back to Duchamp’s writings and it helped me open up and relax a little bit about thinking of something to use for this ready-made. In order to begin, I began strolling around my house, searching for the first piece of my soon to be ready-made. I was not sure what I was looking for exactly, but I wanted something that I could easily relate myself to therefore helping me to express myself to others. I stumbled upon an old athletic bag of mine and dove in to see what I could find. It was a perfect find. A had found a way that I knew I was comfortable with expressing. The baseball bat and batting gloves I used throughout my adolescent years told a story of their own without me saying anything. The gloves are worn down, as well as the cracked, baseball bat. These are two, familiar pieces of materials to myself and to others, may mean nothing or not even know what they are. Two items maybe seen on TV, or used when they were young kids in sports. These items go through a pretty rough life-span of being beaten on by hands and baseballs repeatedly. My ready-made, which I titled “Between the White Lines” is my first experience through ready-made art. I hope that the viewing audience can interpret my art the way I have created it to be.Image

The Introduction

4 Sep

Hola mis Amigos! My name is Dominick Romans and to begin, that is just about all the Spanish I know despite taking 3 years of it in high school. I was born and raised here in good ole’ South Bend, Indiana and attended Clay High School, right down the road from Holy Cross. Some people do not like South Bend, but I have always enjoyed living here. Sometimes it gets a little boring but when you leave town, it always feels great coming back home to South Bend. I grew up surrounded and loving Notre Dame football. Neither of my parents are from South Bend, but came here to attend Notre Dame, which explains how I got here. This will be my first full year at Holy Cross and even though I do not have an intended major, I am enjoying my classes and the community of Holy Cross. When I enrolled in to Visual Literacy before the semester, I did not have any real expectations as to how the class was going to be. As I understood it, I  was going to have to take a lot of notes. I chose this class to learn a little more about the fundamentals and also the ways of art throughout history. My dad was an art major out of college and now has his Masters Degree in art and education. Therefore, growing up I have seen a lot of art and experienced many art shows and never really understood too much about it. I think this class will help me to gain knowledge when it comes to reading art and how the author or illustrator attempts to make a piece of art look, why he or she did that and what exactly does it mean that he or she did something a certain way. I hope that Visual Literacy will help me to make a push either towards a certain degree I would like to obtain or push me away from one I am uncertain about. All in all, I am enjoying this year so far and plan on making the rest of year a great one.